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World CML Day




"Today, together, 

for a CML free world."


Image web 1Every year in 22nd September the  global community lead by the  patient Advocates holds the World  Day. 9/22 represents the genetic change of Chromosomes 9 and 22 that is the cause of  (Since 2011, the worldwide community unites to celebrate "World  Day" on September 22 (9/22). This date has been chosen for global and local  awareness activities adding symbolic significance to the events, projects and campaigns.

 patient advocates are together focused on raising awareness of the needs of patients living with  

Know more about what we are planning for the World  Day 2019 and be ready to be part of the worldwide awareness with "Today, together. For a  free world." 

This year for the 12th time, we call all our members to join the international movement “Today, together, for a free world” by organizing awareness activities, from small gatherings or social media posts to large-scale events.

22nd September is a day for  organization to make the general public, patients and relatives, health care providers and policymakers aware about what living with  means and which are the main concerns, needs as well as several challenges that people living whit this kind of leukemia face every day. 

Check out the initiatives and activities carried out by the patient community for World  Day and see what was achieved in 201720162015,  2014, 2013, 2012 and 2008-2011.


The World CML Day 2019 campaign: "Today, together, for a CML free world."

Our global campaign is dedicated to  patients' advocacy work in all regions worldwide. Every year, the  patients need and claim for: research and science, quality treatment, proper access to medicines and monitoring tools, quality of life and finally, the necessary achievement of a  free World. 


CML poster HCP 2019 CMLAN

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CML poster Policy Makers 2019 CMLAN low

CML poster public CMLAN 2019 low















World CML Day 2019 Toolkit: tools and resources

Once again, we encourage the global  community to raise its strong voice and be part of the World   free world” through different activities using our World – Artwork for print and online use. Click here to download POSTERS & FLYERS –

Easy-to-customize posters & flyers with the same message for our key audiences (public, patients & relatives, HCPs, and policymakers). All posters and flyers are available as easy-to-edit PowerPoint files and PDFfilesCheck if there is a translation in your language! If not, please translate the posters and flyers into your local language; include your organization´s logo and contact details, and additional information about the World – Photo-database. Click here to check the database of PHOTOS of your World CML Day 2019 materials –

The database includes photos covering different cultural backgrounds that allow you to adapt the posters & flyers to your realityIn addition to the photos used in the poster and flyer templates (classified as “general”), you will find Africa-specific, Asia-specific and Latin-American-specific photosOf course, you are free to insert your own pictures as well! The photos in the photo-database may serve as a source of inspiration!


The World CML Day Quiz: an educational tool

Quiz web 1

This year we are very happy to launch a new activity to educate  patients, doctors, relatives, decision-makers and the general public on   patient experience is.

By this way to make learning on  fun, we hope to increase the  awareness on 22nd September as well as help patients to reduce the stigmatization of living with Stay tuned to the World  Day Quiz launching in the next days!


Are you ready to be part of the #WCMLDay19?

Get involved as a  patient organisation, as an individual  patient or patient advocate, as a health care provider or as an any other who is interested in raising the  voice. 

During 22nd September, be sure you share your awareness action and be part of the "Today, together, for a free world" campaign by using the following tags in your posts:



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To know more about the "Today, Together" initiative, you can download the full WORLD CML DAY TOOLKIT TRAINING here.

The explanation of the World  Day campaign is available on PDF or watching this video: World CML Day:: Achievements and outlook

You can also watch these video-streams to make to support you to spread the message, increase awareness and help you advocate for  patients around the globe!

Best practice examples of the use of the World CML Day Kit in 2015

World CML Day Training: Posters and planning

World CML Day Training session: Social Media use for World CML Day


World CML Day 2019 activities worldwide

Have a look at what the  community developed in previous years. There are so many inspiring actions! 




For World CML Day 2019 let´s all be united – TODAY, TOGETHER. FOR A CML FREE WORLD!


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