Patient Solidarity Day 06/12/2019


Calling for action on commitments made

This year, all World Health Organization's Member States are on record as having adopted two ambitious and comprehensive commitments:

24th May 2019 : The World Health Organization Member States unanimously adopted Resolution 72.6 global action on patient safety in Geneva to address global patient safety in a concerted manner.

23rd September 2019: The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Political Declaration of the high-level meeting on universal health coverage in New York strongly recommitting to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030 through scaling up global efforts to build a healthier world for all. 

On Patient Solidarity Day 2019, we are calling on our leaders to act on these promises they have made in the last year and implement action to guarantee safe patient-centred universal health coverage for all.

Mark you calendars and join us and other patient advocates as we raise our voices to share the stories of patients' access to safe UHC, to call on leaders to make bigger and smarter investments in health, and to remind the world that safe healthcare for all is imperative to create the world we want.

For more information on Patient Solidarity Day, including details about this year's theme and a range of useful resources, click here.

Join the PSD2019 movement

Join patient advocates from around the globe on PSD2019 in calling for our leaders to go beyond promises and implement action for acceleration of progress for safe patient-centred universal health coverage to build a healthier world for all!

Get involved by:

1. Mobilising your network ahead of Friday 6th December

Make sure your contacts know about Patient Solidarity Day. Send them a quick message on what the campaign is about. Highlight the theme and the commitments made as well why and how its important that they show their solidarity with patients around the world in holding our leaders accountable.

2 . Write to your president / prime minister/ urging them to ensure successful implementation of commitments made – use the letter template here 

This is a great opportunity to directly engage with leaders for the implementation of the commitments made for acceleration of progress for safe patient-centred universal health coverage. Leaders are more likely to respond if you personalise your letter so you might also like to include your own thoughts or experiences in delivery process of safe and patient-centred UHC (if you have any) and why you think this campaign is important.

Don’t forget to tell us who you have written to – email us at

3. Spread the word by posting PSD social media messages on Facebook and Twitter

Access the social media posts here and remember to use the hashtag #PSD2019 with your posts.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join the buzz on social media using #PSD2019

4. Take part in our PSD2019 interview series

For PSD2019, we want to highlight our members and partners experiences in the delivery process of a safe and patient-centred universal health coverage. We want to know what kind of policies countries focusing their efforts on accelerating progress for a safe patient centred universal health coverage have put in place but also how you are contributing to achieving universal health coverage. If you are interested in taking part, let us know and we will explore this further with you.

5. Share your plans

Keep us informed about how you will support the Day so that we can add your activity to our global list of activities and your logo on our supporters wall on our website. If you are still looking for inspiration, there is still time. Visit our website where you'll find a range of ideas to help you mark the Day with us on Friday 6th December.

Finally, follow us on Twitter @PatientSolDay and @IAPOvoice on twitter and Iapo Patient Voice on Facebook for updates.


We want to hear from you so please do not hesitate to send questions or comments to

We look forward to celebrating the Day with you! 

Best wishes,

The IAPO team


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