Patient Solidarity Day

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Speaking up for safe patient-centred UHC

Join us tomorrow as we call for our leaders to keep their promise to address global patient safety in a concerted manner and accelerate progress for safe patient-centred universal health coverage (UHC).

This is based on our belief that every person, no matter who they are or where they live, should be able to get the quality health services they need without facing financial hardship.


Our TASK for Patient Solidarity Day is therefore to raise awareness of these commitments made and dialogue with our leaders and other decision-makers to ensure that the commitments are turned into action.

Find what you need in these quick links

–PSD2019 theme

UHC2030 summary of targets, actions and commitments in the political declaration on UHC

The Political Declaration of the high-level meeting on UHC

Resolution on global action on patient safety

Social media messages and graphics


Small action, Big difference

It can be easy to feel that a small action, such as sending a letter to our leaders wont make a difference. But if we all take a stand for what we believe in, one simple action, taken by many can start a chain reaction.

Write a letter to your leader

Letters are the perfect way to get your leader's attention. You can outline the issue, ask for a commitment and ask them to keep you updated with any progress related to your asks – that way they will know you expect to see some action!

Find a letter template below that you can use to engage your leaders calling for acceleration of progress for safe UHC.

Remember to let us know how your it goes! Lastly, publicise your success. If you convince your local authority to sign up to a policy or join your cause, let the world and your local media know about it.

Review the commitments made

In playing your part of ensuring that leaders are held accountable to their promises and that their words translate to action, a key step is knowing exactly what leaders committed to.

See the commitments here:

The Political Declaration of the high-level meeting on UHC

Resolution on global action on patient safety

–Our partners at UHC2030 coalition have produced a great document summarizing the key targets, actions and commitments contained in the UHC Political Declaration here.





Let's get digital: Tell a friend to tell a friend

Here are some of the ways you can use the power of social media to reach thousands of people and raise awareness on the need to hold our leaders accountable to commitments made!

Get sharing 

Share our the call for accelerating progress for safe patient-centred UHC of progress patient safety to raise awareness on the issue 

Share the PSD2019 theme

Share the commitments

Share the UHC2030 coalition summary document

Coinciding with our Patient Solidarity Day activities, our partner, Fight the Fakes Campaign, have been holding their annual Fight the fakes week in effort to raise awareness about falsified and substandard medicines. 

This campaign very much aligns with our call for safe UHC and so we invite to join in on this too. See the Fight the fakes campaign materials here


Follow and join the buzz on social media 

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