The 2020 LC Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas and CLL is now LIVE

You can find the survey link on our website, here:

We appreciate your patience as we worked through some final translation edits. 

As a reminder, the survey is available in 19 languages:

Arabic Finnish Japanese Serbian
Bulgarian French Korean Slovakian
Chinese German Lithuanian Spanish
Dutch Hindi Portuguese Swedish
English Italian Punjabi  
Please ask your membership, patients and caregivers/family/friends of patients to take the survey and help us understand the lymphoma & CLL patient experience.

You can help by:
  • Sending the survey link and information to your membership in an email or newsletter.
  • Posting the link on social media.
  • Hosting the link in the language(s) of your choice on your website.
  • Linking to the LC site if this is your preference. 
We have re-attached the materials you can use to promote the surveys to your membership. These materials will also be available on the LC website in all 19 translations, coming soon. 
  • Suggested copy for web, newsletter, social media
  • Poster
  • Social media graphics
As in past years, countries with 100+ respondents (from patients) will receive a specialised by country report. We will be sending weekly updates advising you on the number of responses to date in each country. Be sure to encourage your membership to take the surveys so we will get a good reflection of your country and/or subtype. REMINDER: The survey closes 11 March 2020.
As a community, we’re hoping to receive 7,500 survey responses to ensure a true global survey. Let’s reach this goal together!

Thank you for your support!




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