LC - the survey count by member countries for patient respondents

Dear Members,

To date, we have received 2277 responses (patient and caregiver surveys combined) to the 2020 Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas & CLL. A number of groups are actively promoting the survey, which is working well. 

Keep reading to the end of this email for more information on marketing the survey, including information on what has been translated for your use.

See below for the survey count by member countries for patient respondents. Please remember carers have their own survey this year and these numbers are being tracked separately.  

Algeria 1 Latvia 0
Argentina 55 Lithuania 23
Australia 82 Macedonia 0
Barbados 1 Mexico 3
Belgium 76 Morocco 7
Brazil 3 New Zealand 13
Bulgaria 37 Norway 0
Canada 192 Poland 0
China 2 Portugal 1
Colombia 1 Romania 1
Croatia 8 Russia 0
Czech Republic 0 Serbia 27
Denmark 8 Singapore 0
Finland 36 Slovakia 12
France 798 Slovenia 10
Germany 28 South Africa 2
Greece 2 Spain 3
Hong Kong 1 Sweden 75
Hungary 1 Switzerland 32
India 28 The Netherlands 17
Iraq 0 Turkey 1
Ireland 11 Ukraine 0
Israel 0 United Kingdom 115
Italy 27 United States 191
Japan 4 Uruguay 4
Korea 4 Venezuela 1

The highlighted countries have surpassed 100 respondents, and will receive a country report. 

We have also tracked the survey completion counts by subtype from patient respondents:

Anaplastic large cell 11
Burkitts 21
CL 27
DLBCL (unspecified) 204
Extranodal Killer T-cell 0
FL 268
HL 242
Mantle cell 54
Peripheral T-cell 15
Transformed 20
WM 339

The highlighted subtypes have surpassed 100 respondents, and will have a subtype report. ​

There was a small glitch in the survey last week that saw 4 questions appearing in English regardless of the language selected. This was fixed. If a respondent started to fill out the survey before the issue was resolved, they may still see English questions due to the way the website cookies work.  This is easily fixed by the respondent clearing the stored cookies from the survey website in their browser, or by the respondent re-selecting the language they want in the language drop-down at the top right of the survey page. If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you to everyone who has already shared the 2020 Global Patient Survey. For those that have not done so, please share the link with your membership, healthcare community and social media. The marketing materials can be found on the members side of the LC website. The materials have all been translated into the same 19 languages that the survey is offered in. CLICK HERE to access them. Your login is required. If you need help with your username and password, please contact

Here's what you can do to help us reach our goal:

  • Host the information on your website. 
  • Send an email to your membership, sponsors and other partners encouraging them to take the survey and pass the message along.
  • Share with your followers on social media.
  • Here is the link to the survey from the LC website
  • Here is the link directly to the survey (if you share this link, the survey will automatically show in the language that the respondent’s internet browser uses if it is one of the translated languages).

All your efforts to help promote participation in the 2020 Global Patient Survey are greatly appreciated.

Reminder – countries with 100+ respondents (from patients) will receive a specialised by country report. 

Together, we will ensure patients are given the opportunity to share their experience and help shape the global lymphoma landscape.
Warm regards,





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