Older cancer patients and COVID-19 – a Special Focus Dialogue


Older adults have been particularly impacted by COVID-19. A recent UN report outlined the broader effects the pandemic has had on this population in addition to the higher mortality rates: the denial of health care for conditions unrelated to COVID-19, neglect in care facilities, trauma related to stigma and discrimination, and adverse effects on the individuals’ mental health and overall well-being due to confinement and isolation.

Older adults account for over 50% of the global cancer burden. The multiple risks and cumulative burden that they currently face therefore pose urgent demands on all those concerned with cancer and ageing to ensure that government responses to the pandemic do not magnify pre-existing health inequalities and reinforce ageist bias.

Join longevity experts, leading voices in geriatric oncology and patient representatives for a thought-provoking Special Focus Dialogue on ‘Caring for older cancer patients during COVID-19’. This is the first in a series of conversations around ageing and cancer that UICC will be hosting this year.

Register here for the dialogue on Monday 29th June at 16:00-17:30 CEST (10:00-11:30 New York; 17:00-18:30 Nairobi; 22:00-23:30 Singapore),
This dialogue is supported by: Sanofi
Last chance to register:

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25th June
15:00-17:00 CEST 

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Older cancer patients and COVID-19 – what can be learned from the current pandemic to make health systems more responsive to the needs of older people



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