UICC Newsletter - June 2020


UICC Newsletter June 2020

COVID-19 unmasks what cancer patients have long known: The world needs a better and more equitable health system

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In an op-ed published by CNN, HRH Princess Dina Mired writes about the inequities in accessing cancer care and the disproportionate burden carried by the poor and disadvantaged.

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Addressing the challenges to the cancer community raised by COVID-19

A series of Dialogues hosted by UICC provided insights and responses to the disruptions to cancer services caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
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UICC calls off the World Cancer Congress planned for March 2021

UICC has decided to suspend the World Cancer Congress planned for March 2021 in Oman, following signs that disruption to travel and social gatherings may well continue into 2021.
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Take action

Call for applications: Project ECHO® on breast cancer control

UICC is opening a call for applications to participate in a Project ECHO® course on breast cancer, delivered in partnership with the NCI Center for Global Health and the Breast Health Global Initiative. 
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Final nomination deadline: Help shape UICC’s future as a Board Member

Don’t miss the chance to submit a nomination for the UICC Board and UICC President-Elect. Deadline 1st July 2020.
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Capacity Building

Virtual Fellowships for UICC Members

A virtual alternative to UICC’s Fellowship Programme will allow the continued transfer and exchange of key skills in cancer control at a time when members need it most.
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Strong response to UICC’s 2020 Master Courses

Over 700 applications were received from member organisations interested in participating in UICC’s 2020 Master Courses. This response shows the strong desire among cancer control professionals to continue learning and engaging with the cancer community.
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Events – Virtual Dialogues

Special Focus Dialogues 

Join these deep-dive discussions which address key questions or introduce new concepts through online panel exchanges, remote expert presentations or virtual workshops.

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Members’ Corner

Get to know some of our new members and discover the UICC animated explainer video in different languages. Read more  

Best CEO and World Cancer Day Spirit Award winners still to be recognised in 2020

Help us recognise extraordinary leadership and creative collaboration by nominating your organisation for the Best CEO and Best World Cancer Day Spirit Awards by the 31st August 2020.
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Resources & Inspiration

Cancer and Ageing

The world’s population is ageing rapidly, which has important consequences for global cancer control. There are currently over 703 million people worldwide above the age of 65 years, representing 9.1% of the global population. Estimates suggest that this proportion will rise to 15.9% by 2050. Read more  

First-of-its kind report addresses Argentina’s rising cancer burden

The Integrated Cancer Control Initiative in Latin America  (ICCI-LA) has published its first comprehensive report, which presents Argentina’s major health system challenges and identifies policy recommendations for more effective responses to cancer. Read more



Why radiotherapy is crucial for cancer patients during and post COVID-19

Recent studies have shown that radiotherapy is less immunosuppressive and can therefore continue to be given during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Cancer care considerations for sexual and gender minorities

On the occasion of Pride Month 2020, Mandi L. Pratt-Chapman from the GW Cancer Center highlights the specific cancer challenges and needs faced by the LGBTQI community.
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