CML Horizons Virtual Conference 2020 Day 2 Highlights

For CML Horizons Virtual 2020 Attendees

Highlights from Day 2

CML Horizons Virtual Conference 2020

On Day 2 of the CML Horizons Virtual Conference 2020, the audience engaged with all speakers during the Medical #2 and Advocacy #2 sessions.

Once again, over 200 attendees closely watched the most updated information on chronic myeloid leukemia presented by the key CML doctors Dr. Cortés, Dr. Lipton, and Dr. Hochhaus and actively participated in the Q&A sessions by asking several points.
Medical #2: Living well with CML
Our co-chair and Western Europe region representative, Felice Bombaci, and our treasurer and representative of the North America region, Lisa Machado, were chairing the Medical #2 session and introducing the speakers to the audience.

In this session, attendees were learning from the following amazing doctors:

Dr. Jorge Cortés presented "Five most important things someone living with CML needs to do to manage their disease and achieve the best outcomes."

Dr. Jeffrey Lipton talked about "An exploration of the drugs available for CML, typical side effects & how to manage them".

Dr. Andreas Hochhaus presented "When you can’t reach your milestones: How to overcome resistance?".

After the presentations, a very interesting discussion happened with the doctors answering many questions coming from the CML advocacy leaders.

Advocacy #2: Generics – is the concern justified?
The Advocacy #2 session was split into two parts:

Firstly, our co-founder Jan Geißler presented "Generic TKIs (in CML): An introduction".

Next, a panel discussion on 
  • Efficiency of Generics
  • Harnessing the power of generic CML drugs
  • Myths vs reality of Generics

opened up with the participation of the panelists Jelena Čugurović (Serbia), Zack Pemberton-Whiteley (United Kingdom), Rod Padua (The Philippines), Ahmed Awad (Egypt), Jerry Clements (The USA) and Cristian Neves (Chile).

We finished the Day 2 program holding an inspiring Questions and Answers session with high participation of the CML advocacy leaders worldwide.


Networking Lounge

Day 2 of the conference also finished with an informal meeting joined by a large number of patient advocates to network and share experiences and information with the patient advocates from all regions of the globe.


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