“CML-CAB News” – 3rd edition, February 2021

"CML-CAB NEWS" – 3rd edition

February 2021


End of 2020, our long-standing CML-CAB member Rita O. Christensen (CML patient and Chairman of LyLe – patient group for lymphoma, leukemia and MDS based in Denmark) decided to step down from CML-CAB and other voluntary positions for personal reasons. Rita is an engaged advocate with plenty of experience and determination. While she is stepping down from her commitments on the global level, she will remain acting as chairman of LyLe and thus continue her important work on the national level. We will miss Rita both as wonderful person as well as professional and thoughtful advocate. On behalf of CML-CAB and the whole CML community, a big THANK YOU, Rita, for supporting us in the fight against CML!

At the same time, it is our great pleasure to welcome a new CML-CAB member, Gerald Clements (whom we all know as "Jerry") who joined the CML-CAB team end of January 2021. Jerry is Co-Founder / Treasurer/ CFO at the CML Buster Foundation based in USA. Please join us in welcoming Jerry! Thank you, Jerry, for putting your 20 years of experience at the communities´ disposal within the framework of CML-CAB.

Click here to find out more about the composition of our CML-CAB Team!


We are pleased to announce our upcoming CML-CAB which will be held virtually on 18 February 2021. We look forward to discussing pressing matters around current access and future treatments. Besides 13 confirmed CML-CAB members, we are expecting 10 Novartis representatives to participate in this CML-CAB meeting.

A core topic of this next CML-CAB will be the Asciminib Development Program, as well as value proposition and positioning of this 3rd generation TKI. Unlike earlier-generation TKIs – including Novartis’ Gleevec and Tasigna – that bind to the ATP pocket of the BCR-ABL enzyme, asciminib attaches to a different part of the enzyme, the ABL myristoyl pocket. Due to this new mechanism of action, asciminib is said to offer the possibility of dual inhibition of BCR-ABL1 in combination with ATP-binding TKIs.

The last CML-CAB with Novartis was held in November 2019 in Basel, Switzerland. Please click here for details.


CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB) is a working group of the CML Advocates Network. It is a global panel of 19 leading patient advocates from all world regions (“CML-CAB members”) who all represent the unique perspective of a CML patient or relative. CML-CAB members work together to address issues of strategic importance to the community at large and advocate for the best possible research and equal access to the most innovative treatment & care for CML patients around the world. CML-CAB monitors pharmaceutical developments and research in CML through active and targeted interaction, long-term cooperation and continued dialogue with pharmaceutical partners, regulators, medical experts, and the scientific CML-community.

  • Providing researchers, academics, government, policy makers, authorities and the pharmaceutical industry with advice and input on different issues that impact on patients’ lives
  • Promoting best-in-class CML research as well as the harmonisation of good clinical practice, standard of care and access to best available CML therapies and diagnostic tools
  • Ensuring patient needs are considered when setting research priorities
  • Developing patient-friendly clinical trials and helping interested patients access these
  • Addressing problems CML patients face in accessing optimal diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and care
  • Improving the outcomes of CML patients
  • Improving the quality of patient information and education
  • Building CML advocacy community capacity
To learn more about CML-CAB, please visit the CML-CAB section on our website and watch our introductory CML-CAB video!


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