LÖSEV-20. International Week for Children with Leukemia

LÖSEV – Foundation for Children with Leukemia is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which provides medical, financial and psychosocial support to children affected by leukemia and other childhood cancers. We have been providing support to more than 47.000 children with leukemia and cancer, adult cancer patients and their families since 1998.
Our primary goal is to provide permanent treatment and save lives and improve the well-being of the cancer patients. Following that purpose, LÖSEV also fulfills the necessities of the children with leukemia in terms of their educational and social gap by LÖSANTE Children and Adult’s Hospital that was founded in October 2000 and Education Centers for Children with Leukemia. In addition accommodation and employment for families are supplied by LÖSEV in the Village for Children with Leukemia to ease the pressure on families.
Within this framework, in 2007, LÖSEV was granted Special Consultative Status as an eligible NGO to provide counselling on Leukemia related issues by UN – ECOSOC.
As LÖSEV, based on the fact that leukemia is a disease that not a single political or geographical border can prevent, we have taken a pioneering role in the prevention and treatment of childhood cancers and set out with the principle of “We dream of a world without leukemia”. We have been bringing together the Children with Leukemia from all over the world, unaware of each other, fighting for survival, speaking different languages ​​but sharing the same fate, through the “International Week for Children with Leukemia” (IWCL)  for the last 19 years.
The "International Week for Children with Leukemia", that is hosted by Turkey under the leadership of LÖSEV every year on the last week of May, is organized in order to raise awareness of the world public opinion about leukemia, which is the most common type of cancer in childhood, and also to raise awareness of the problems faced by children and their families.
20. International Week for Children with Leukemia will take place on 28th May – 5 June 2021 and this year’s theme is “We Dream of a World without Leukemia & COVID…”
Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot physically perform activities and get together. However, we want to make an important call on behalf of the Children with Leukemia, who are the most vulnerable and at-risk against the virus during the pandemic process and say “Vaccines First for the Lives of the Children with Leukemia”.
We kindly ask you to get involved in our awareness activities during that week and become a hope for Children with Leukemia and Cancer all over the world by using the #leukemia #IWCL #WeDreamOfaCancerFreeWorld and @losev1998 hashtags and sharing our poster, theme and press release on your social media channels, websites, news agencies, etc. Any further awareness activities regarding this week is appreciated. Please inform us about your activities and shares.
We hope to celebrate next "International Week for Children with Leukemia" together with enthusiasm in a world without COVID …

For detailed information, please find attached our press release and poster.

2021 IWCL Press Release

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