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An EU Cancer Survivorship Day becoming a reality

This year’s webinar ECPC’s event on life after cancer sought to provide an impetus for the formal establishment of an annual EU Cancer Survivorship Day, following the example of several national cancer survivorship days which bring together communities worldwide to recognise survivors and the challenges they face and celebrate life after cancer. The Challenge Cancer Intergroup is committed to making the creation of an EU cancer survivors day become a reality.

Did you miss it? You can find the recording on our YouTube channel
3rd World GO Day

The time has come to prepare for the third World GO Day celebration. The goal is to strengthen the alliance between patients and doctors. For this reason, another color joins purple in the World GO Day campaign graphics: orange, representing the ESGO logo. Bringing together the purple for patients and the orange for medical professionals symbolizes this year’s main theme: #GOforcommunication (between patients and doctors) because “Information is power, but Communication is the solution”.

It goes hand in hand with the very short but clear message, “Dare to ask”, by which we mean: “Talk to your doctor, do not be afraid to seek information on gyne cancers and to have your regular checkups to prevent cancer”. #GOforprevention will be the second main hashtag of World GO Day. Let's celebrate the World GO Day together! 

Prostate Cancer Patients needed for patient advisory board

A group of students from Maastric​ht University is working on an individualised patient decision aid for prostate cancer patients and would like to create a patient advisory board to combine the patients’ point of view with the scientific advisory board.

Some content has already been developed and prostate cancer patients are needed to review it together with medical professionals so as to develop an app. The tasks of the volunteers would be to review the content and its comprehensiveness as well as providing any possible additional feedback from a patient's perspective. Would you like to take part in this initiative? Contact 

Transforming Breast Cancer Together Statement in response to the European Parliament Special Committee’s on Beating Cancer draft repor

Transforming Breast Cancer Together (TBCT) welcomes the European Parliament Special Committee’s on Beating Cancer draft report on “strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer – towards a comprehensive and coordinated strategy”.

The draft report comes at a crucial moment, as policymakers and the cancer community reflect on the effects and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. These learnings must be echoed in the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to ensure the current treatment and screening backlog is caught up with and to secure sustainable and more resilient cancer care in the future

You can read the full statement here.

Italian survey to improve the cooperation in the onco-haematology field
The Gruppo AIL Pazienti Leucemia Mieloide Cronica ( AIL Patients group chronic myeloid leukaemia) launched a survey to improve the interaction and cooperation between all the components in the onco-haematology field. The results of this activity will serve to orientate the topics of the Sixth National Conference on Haematological Cancers to be held on 16-17 September 2021.
The Conference aims to outline the state of the art of haematological oncology and in particular:
  • clinical and therapeutic aspects;
  • the centrality of the patient;
  • treatment and life prospects;
  • social and work reintegration;
  • issues of sustainability and accessibility of care;
  • the impact of Covid-19 on haematological patients;  
The survey is available only in Italian here. Thank you very much for your important contribution!
Knowledge Centre on Cancer: EU activities on cancer, prevention, early detection, treatment and care.
The launch of the Knowledge Centre on Cancer took place on 30th June. It fosters scientific and technical coordination of EU activities on cancer, while expanding the EU’s capacities and systems for prevention, early detection, treatment and care. You can watch the recording of the event here.

The Knowledge Centre on Cancer fosters independent scientific alignment, coordination and support to EC cancer-related policies and activities. They act as

  • evidence-clearing house for policy making on cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship.
  • manager of the EU Cancer Information System.
  • developer of European guidelines and quality assurance schemes on cancer.
  • data hub for cancer and ‘honest data broker’ via the European Health Data Space. We link different infrastructures with each other and work to standardise the data collection and exchange.
Would you like to know more? Click here!
What's coming up

CDDF Live Webinar Series – Lessons Learnt from COVID-19

The Cancer Drug Development Forum will hold the second CDDF Live Webinar Series – Lessons Learnt from COVID-19: “Treatment of Cancer Patients during the SARS-CoV2 Pandemic: Learnings and outlook after 18 months” on Tuesday 13 July 2021 at 17:30-18:30 CEST. This webinar comprises a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Marie von Lilienfeld-Toal(Jena University Hospital, DE), followed by a discussion session moderated by Prof. Axel Glasmacher (CDDF).

Prof. Dr. Marie von Lilienfeld-Toal gave her first talk on “Treatment of Cancer Patients during the SARS-CoV2 Pandemic: Implications for Clinical Trials” at the CDDF webinar in April 2020. This July she will present and discuss learnings and outlook for clinical trials in oncology after 18 months from the outbreak of the global pandemic.

Enhancing the Future of Cancer Surgery: 40th Congress of the European Society of Surgical Oncology

The 40th Congress of the European Society of Surgical Oncology will be held from 8 -10 November 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal.

This year’s theme “Shaping the future of Cancer Care” will include a first-class panel of speakers presenting the latest developments, trends, and innovative techniques in the management of patients with solid tumours.

Recognizing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer patient care, the Scientific Committee has invited leading experts from different disciplines and sub-disciplines. You will get the opportunity to attend sessions on Artificial intelligence, immunotherapy, women in surgery and advances in surgical oncology. We are also honoured to host a session by the Anticancer Fund on clinical research in surgical oncology. Would you like to know more? Click here!

ECPC recommends 
  • ECPC has contributed to the article "Challenges and solutions to embed cancer survivorship research and innovation within the EU Cancer Mission". The article is an activity of the European Academy of Cancer Science (EACS) – Committee on Cancer Survivorship. It aims at identifying the key challenges in cancer survivorship research that need to be addressed and proposing a series of recommended solutions, which, if acted upon, would deliver significant benefits for the nearly 20 million cancer survivors in Europe.
  • COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shock to European healthcare systems, leaving no components unaffected. PwC Switzerland and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) have identified key goals and strategic directions that should be pursued by European health systems going forward to provide the population with the quality care they deserve at all times. Read the report following this link.
  • The third issue of the LifeChamps H2020 project Newsletter is out, including all the updates and news of our consortium from the last six months! LifeChamps is now ready for its mid-term review meeting, this July, presenting the progress of the project and scheduling the next action points for the upcoming months! You can read it here and do not forget to subscribe!
  • EMA has published today its 2020 annual report. It provides an overview of the Agency’s major achievements and contributions to public health in Europe.
  • The new EUPROMS booklet is out! This publication provides an accessible summary of the findings from EUPROMS (Europa Uomo Patient Reported Outcome Study). EUPROMS found that quality of life scores are best in patients where the cancer is discovered in an early, curable stage – providing strong backing for early detection programmes throughout Europe. 
  • In the framework of the LEGACy project, a questionnaire has been developed to find out your current knowledge about the risk factors that are related to gastric cancer. Please disseminate the questionnaire among your network through your social media channels:
  • Missed the PREFER patient involvement webinar? The recoded webinar is now available on the PREFER YouTube channel.


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