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Year of Action | Infographics on AL amyloidosis

In honour of the first-ever World Amyloidosis Day, and as part of the MPE Year of Action events, we are excited to announce the launch of new infographics on AL amyloidosis.

As you know, AL amyloidosis is a rare and complex disease which is not recognized widely. At MPE we want to help raise awareness about the disease and the diagnosis challenges. This is a community-wide effort and we need your help to spread the word!

Click here to access the infographics.

We encourage you to share these resources on your webpage, social media platforms and with your network to help patients, carers, and clinicians to #thinkALamy.

Thank you for your support of this important initiative!

Myeloma Diagnosis Challenge Infographics
As part of the Year of Action, MPE published infographics on The Myeloma Diagnosis Challenge.  These materials are now available in 26 languages, so they can be shared more broadly with MPE members and the European patient community.
Click here to download these infographics in your local language.


Research Grant Application | Shared-Decision Making in Myeloma
Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) is seeking research grant applications, for funding of up to £100k, on a project exploring shared-decision making in myeloma. The deadline for submission is 3:00 pm on Friday 5th of November. 
If you are interested, please read the information here

Applications now open for the MPE Advocate Development Programme! 

Patients, carers, advocates, and community members who are interested in developing professional advocacy skills in the fields of myeloma and AL amyloidosis, and who are committed to improving outcomes for patients across Europe, should apply to this programme. Click here to apply for the MPE ADP 2022.
Myeloma Access Atlas platform relaunch!

MPE has relaunched the Myeloma Access Atlas, an online platform designed to provide myeloma and AL amyloidosis patient advocates with information and tools to assist with national advocacy on access.

The Atlas provides country-specific and comparative information on European healthcare systems, including data on system performance and on access inequalities to myeloma treatments. The aim behind the data and tools provided is to identify, understand and overcome the variation in access to treatment and care in Europe. It is also supported by the policy and regulatory work MPE does in Europe.

You can explore the platform here.
Register to attend ASH 2021! 

If you are a non-profit patient advocate (employees and volunteers) from registered patient organisations, you can now apply to attend the 63rd ASH Annual Meeting in December (December 11-14, 2021)! 
Only one recipient per each non-profit patient advocacy organisation will be approved.

Click here to find the eligibility criteria and registration link.


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