DONOSIMO Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) NEWSLETTER ZA PROSINAC 2021.

UICC Newsletter December 2021

Together we can close the care gap: human rights, UHC and cancer care 

Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC, explains how improving cancer control and providing access to life-saving services for all populations are steps towards Universal Health Coverage and supports the right to health for all. 
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Tobacco industry interference in policy decisions undermines effective control  

UICC offers insight into the recent Global Tobacco Index that denounces actions by the tobacco industry aimed at undermining efforts by governments to implement measures that could reduce smoking prevalence. Read more

Capturing cancer at INCan   

Mexican photographer Adán Jardón depicts the struggles and joy, anxiety and hope of people living with cancer, their families and caregivers at the National Cancer Institute in Mexico. Read more


Take Action

Join the Close The Care Gap social media challenge 

A lot of great progress has been made in the fight against cancer in the past decade. And yet, who you are and where you live can still impact your chances of preventing and surviving cancer. Next year’s World Cancer Day campaign focuses on closing the care gap by bringing awareness to the inequity issue in cancer care.  

Today, let us know why you want to #CloseTheCareGap in cancer care and post it on your social media channels! To do the challenge, check out this social media post and learn how to do it yourself by reading the social media guidelines

Light up the world on 4 FebruaryThis guide explains what you can do to help light up your local landmark for World Cancer Day.


In Conversation

Integrated cancer care and remaining connected during COVID-19

Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC and Mark Middleton, CEO of ICON Group speak about delivering integrated cancer care and keeping staff connected during COVID-19. Read more


Members’ Corner

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to thank you for your engagement! This month in the Members’ Corner, find out more about what’s being done against skin cancer in Chile and upcoming opportunities. Read more

Scaling up secondary cervical cancer prevention 

The SUCCESS project, civil society representatives together with government authorities are bringing testing and treatment of cervical cancer closer to more women in Guatemala and the PhilippinesRead more



Integrated Cancer Control Initiative in Latin America (ICCI-LA) 

ICCI-LA has published four comprehensive policy studies that provide an extensive analysis of health systems responses to cancer control in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Access executive summaries and the full reports


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