Open-EU Policy Stakeholder Views on the EU Health Data Space (EHDS)

With the announcement that the European Commission’s Draft Legislative Proposal on the European Health Data Space is due to be brought to the European Parliament in April 2022, the Obesity Policy Engagement Network (OPEN-EU) has launched a stakeholder view  on how the European Health Data Space can be important in implementing obesity as an NCD within the established major NCDs policy frameworks and as per the European Commission’s own categorisation of obesity as a major Chronic disease in 2021 .

This paper was launched as part of a jointly hosted online meeting at the virtual European Parliament on 10 January 2022 in collaboration with the MEP Interest group on Obesity and Health System Resilience

The Action Report ‘Making Hope Reality: Action on Treatment and Care for Metastatic Cancer Patients’ has been publised

The European Cancer Organisation (ECO) has published the Report “Making Hope Reality: Action on Treatment and Care for Metastatic Cancer Patients”. A summary of key points of discussion and outlines key recommendations for united action to improve treatment, care and quality of life for metastatic cancer patients. 

This document provides a detailed account of the presentations and contributions shared during a special Community 365 Roundtable Meeting on Metastatic Cancer that took place in October 2021.

Share your views about a new treatment for lung infections

Take part in a survey about a new treatment for lung infections. Researchers want to understand what makes people feel a certain way and what changes they might need to take to make the treatment more suitable for patients and their doctors/nurses. They want to hear from people with a lung infection or with a history of lung infections, as well as healthcare professionals who treat patients with lung infections.

The survey will take around 20-30 minutes and is available in English and French.  It’s part of the FAIR project, an EU-funded project by Horizon 2020.

A new survey on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health care and services!

GAMIAN-Europe, in collaboration with the European Psychiatric Association, has launched a new survey that seeks to explore the impact of COVID-19 on mental health care and services.

The objectives of this survey are to seek the views of people with a pre-existing mental health condition and those who have been recently diagnosed in the past 12 months; focusing on their perceptions regarding their use of mental health services and the impact of national governments’ actions on mental health during the pandemic: and to ask mental health professionals about the pressures of delivering mental health services during this challenging time.

The survey is available in 11 European languages and the deadline for its completion is 31st January.

It will complement GAMIAN-Europe’s Covid-19 survey conducted in 2020 and published in April 2021. 

InCARE survey on experiences, attitudes, and expectations on long-term care!

Eurocarers would like to understand how people view care for older people with support needs and how they assess long-term care systems, more generally. How do people want those close to them or themselves to be looked after, should they need it? What are their experiences with receiving or providing care? And what are their expectations for the future?

For that, they have created this survey in order to collect information on the attitudes, experiences and expectations on long-term care, and to design better support systems for older people with care needs, for their families and communities. 

What’s coming up

Follow the event through WHO social media accounts

Launch of Cancer Screening Guide and roundtable candid conversation lead by WHO Cancer Ambassador Aron Anderson

The Regional Office for Europe of World Health Organization will launch the event United Action Against Cancer, from grassroots to government, it will take place on 2nd February from 17.00h to 18.45h CET. The online event will be hosted by the Cancer Ambassador Aron Anderson and it will launch a short guide to cancer screening to help countries decide when it is appropriate to screen for cancer. Policy and clinical leaders will be invited to discuss the challenges they face in progressing the cancer agenda and what gives them hope.

You can follow the event through WHO Europe’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts and take a look at the infographic here.


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