UICC Newsletter - May 2021


UICC Newsletter May 2021

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): a major threat to effective cancer treatments

As pathogens become ever more resistant to antimicrobial drugs such as antibiotics, people living with cancer run a growing risk of adverse treatment outcomes, including death from an infection, even though their cancer is treatable.

UICC is collaborating with members and partners to increase awareness and knowledge about the threat of AMR and engages the cancer community to work on solutions.

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Innovations in cancer care bring health closer to patients in LMICs

UICC Best CEO Award winner Dr Omolola Salako of the Sebeccly Cancer Centre in Nigeria highlights some of the innovative initiatives as well as technological progress in LMICs that can help close the equity gap.
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Nurses and frontline workers show resilience in an incredibly tough year

UICC honours the work of oncological nurses and frontline workers who have paid a heavy toll in the pandemic and require support as they look to build a vision of the future. Read more

Take Action

Infographics and social media content for
World No Tobacco Day

In the lead-up to World No Tobacco Day (31st May) UICC is running a campaign to reduce the burden of cancer through efficient tobacco control. A range of content is available on the UICC website. There is still time to join in on the effort.
Find them in our new tobacco control content hub.


Members' Corner

This month in the Members' Corner, learn about a new documentary on cervical cancer elimination, sign up for upcoming virtual events hosted by UICC members and explore new resources.
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Ramadan is an ideal time to quit tobacco

Dr Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed of the Qatar Cancer Society writes about the opportunity that Ramadan offers to conduct outreach on tobacco cessation in Muslim communities. Read more




This past World Cancer Day, “Together, all of our actions mattered”


Together, UICC, its members and partners and the entire cancer community ended the World Cancer Day 2019-2021 campaign on a high note, making the final year of “I Am and I Will” a significant success.
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Upcoming events

Virtual Dialogues

Join the discussion at our upcoming Virtual Dialogues:

Full schedule available on our website

Towards a healthier, safer and fairer world

The 74th World Health Assembly is taking place again virtually this year, 24th May to 1st June 2021. WHA73 is focusing on ending the pandemic and preventing the next, as well as “building together a healthier, safer and fairer world”. Live sessions can be viewed here and UICC will report back in June.

World Cancer Congress 2022: A hybrid event in Geneva

The global cancer community will gather in Geneva where UICC is headquartered for the 2022 WCC. This will be a hybrid event, with a combination of an on-site programme and virtual elements such as webinars, podcasts and online presentations.
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Proven tobacco control tools are key to a healthy recovery

As the tobacco industry renews efforts to exert influence, Hayley Jones of the McCabe Centre for Law & Cancer emphasises the use of legal and regulatory tools such as the FCTC to fight the tobacco epidemic. Read more

Have the name of your choice inscribed at the heart of cancer research

IARC is launching a fundraising campaign for its Nouveau Centre Building. Donate now to cancer research and have the name of your choice affixed to the glass doors or walls of the building.
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